Emphasizing Connections
And Creating Family-like Relationships

As IT professionals, we can work without in-person communication, no matter where we are.

However, it is people who create all products, systems, and tools.

Therefore, we value the connections between people, treat those around us and those we work with like family, and interact with them with unconditional love.

We want to continue to be a company like that.

How it should be

The Ideal Vision for TechFamily

  • Should be a Ten Bagger

    Be a Ten Bagger

    To the company, to clients, and to everyone involved, provide tenfold expectations and sales contributions. Identifying individuals with this mindset is the key to achieving overwhelming results.

  • Should be Talented

    Believe in Your Talent

    Everyone has exceptional talents. Fully unleashing them is the path to success. Recognizing and believing in these talents early, and using them to strengthen the team and engage with respect, are key.

  • Should be Tactical

    Be Tactical

    To achieve goals and objectives, you need strategy. Tactics are the means to construct and implement a strategy to flexibly navigate various scenarios within the current environment.


Recruitment Policy

TechFamily's Recruitment Policy

At our company, we actively create teams without regard to employment status, work location, or hours. If you want to be part of our team as an employee, executive, freelancer, part-timer, or investor, please feel free to contact us.