椎名 陽介

Our financial philosophy is to create "technology for you." We operate our business with the aim of creating a world where as many companies, organizations, teams, and individuals as possible can create the technology they want to realize.

Members operating TechFamily have experience starting more than 10 companies combined. Each member has overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship, gained expertise in marketing, IT issues, a mindset to lead to success, and knowledge of monetization, all acquired through the struggles of entrepreneurship and management.

By articulating the knowledge, expertise, and networks we have acquired, we at TechFamily aim to solve various management challenges.

We are excited to support you as we witness you create services that have never been seen before in the world. If you have challenges related to technology or marketing, please don't hesitate to contact TechFamily.

TechFamily Co., Ltd. President & CEO Yosuke Shiina